[urq] Utah UrQ Meet (was West Coast UPG)

Paul Lethbridge paul.lethbridge at ansys.com
Tue May 4 01:33:53 EDT 2004

Dear Listers,
O.K. So it sounds like we have a reasonable amount of interest in the
Park City venue. 
I am definitely up for the task of local organization. 
I'm not sure if that this stage we want to clog the list with our
iterations here, but here's my recommendation.
A. Timeframe: Either late June or late fall (September). 
          i) I am traveling on business in early June! So late June
works better if you need to me be the local organization. guy.
            Its remains in the 80 - mid 90's up here in the mountains,
and the Salt Lake Valley is still bearable for those of us without A/C.
         ii) July & August would suck for those concerned with lack of
A/C or overheating as many of you would be traveling via the desert to
get to Park City. 
        iii) Early September, temperatures are back to reasonable.
B. Headcount. So, who is considering attending? .
C.  Your expectations of the meet. 
I'm thinking a 2 day event, with a mix of drives and a chance to sample
the local landmarks! 
Day 1:     Friday or Saturday evening dinner rendezvous close to I-80 (I
have a likely spot at Kimball Junction). 
              Get to bed early for a full second day
Day 2:     Group breakfast meet. 
               At the renowned local "No Worries".
               Obligatory check out each others cars tire kick session.
               Hang out for any new arrivals.
               Group drives:
               a) Emigration Canyon/East canyon reservoir: 1 hr Drive
ending with picnic lunch at scenic reservoir. Yes, you can swim if you
want to. Optional gravel road parallel route for those who like to go
sideways and not concerned about a few stone chips!
               b) Salt Lake City: Scenic canyon descent into Salt Lake
City, a quick blast round Temple Square, Returns to Park City via a
Starbucks (for me!) and Little Cottonwood Canyon. 
               Group dinner in Park City with tech quiz. & awards (low
budget fun)!
               I could organize some non ur-q but none-the-less Audi
enthusiasts to join us for this dinner. 
               I would also be up for setting up a Scalextric slot car
track...bring your own Audi.
Day 3:     Depart am.... I would be happy to host a third day if you
chaps are up for it.
D. Hotels & Bivvy options: 
I've called a few local hotels and all are willing to provide a car club
meet some discount. With the Ski season done rates are pretty
reasonable, expect something like $60 per night. You can also camp in
the wilderness or crash on my floor.
I look forward to your feedback.
Kind regards,
'84 UrQ

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