[urq] Now I see...

Louis-Alain Richard laraa at sympatico.ca
Tue May 4 11:25:09 EDT 2004

Hi all,


Just got some Bosch H4 headlamps (HBQ46, 100$CAN) for my car: 

Wow! now I can see the difference between the sealed beam lamps and these.
There is just no comparison, lows are very nicely shaped and highs are
bright and project light straight and true. And this is with the stock H4
bulbs (55W/60W). More, the sealed beam lamps I removed from the car were
fairly new and were supposed to be high-output units (H4656HO)! So all
comment about how crappy DOT sealed beam lamps are is truly deserve. 


This confirms what I always believed: 

1- Lens (the glass face) design is more important than the output of the

2- A good reflector must put emphasis on the high beams

3- High output bulbs will only put more lumens were the lens/reflector has
already focused it.


I can’t speak for the high-beam only (inboard lamps) since I remove them
completely to make some additional airflow… and to look a little like the
works rally cars. I will buy some H1 (HBQ46H) next fall when the temps will
be lower. 

To cover the holes, I bend (from behind the plastic trim pieces) some
silver-colored metal grille used to protect home gutters. Very nice look, a
little too much Jaguar/Bentley/Tuner to my taste but the effect is nice. 

And there is a very interesting aspect for you all folks with high underhood
temperatures: the passenger side opening acts like a chimney now, extracting
heat from this area with so much efficiency that the metal grille is too hot
to touch after only a minute at rest. I am very happy that I did not install
some black plastic grille instead… it would melt in no time.


I will try to post some pictures because I know many of you won’t be there
at the UPG-East to see this “in the flesh”. 


Happy motoring to you all! I am going to Mont Tremblant this afternoon, just
for the pleasure of riding the mountain roads…

Being jobless has its advantages…



83 urQ with real lighting now





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