[urq] Failed NYS enhanced emissions test. Seems to run well though

Brandon Rogers brogers at terrix.com
Wed May 5 17:03:37 EDT 2004

Have you had a chance to check the Duty Cycle yet?  Might be worth looking


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> Vehicle Reading   HC 957 PPM    CO  9.99      Pct.  CO2  8.00
> Limit                    HC 220PPM     CO 1.2        Pct.
> This might have been before the 'mercedes guy' fiddled with the screws on
the black fuel distributor (or there abouts).  So maybe there was a slight
improvement over these values.
> NYS supposedly has a limit where if you spend $450 to fix an emission
problem - you get a inspection sticker regardless of the emissions.  This
shop is not aware of that however.  But if I'm going to spend $450 I want it
to go to the right place.
> Compression was measured by another shop and is in spec but on the lower
side of inspec.  Car doesn't seem to burn any oil.  Cat may be bypassed,  ox
sensor may be original.  Runs well but does smell like it's putting out some
hydrocarbons.  So I would go for a catalytic converter but probably have to
guide my mechanic where to get on for under $270.  Anybody have a good place
for a new cat??  Also maybe the cat is the wrong space to invest.  I'll have
to let the pros decide but any ideas?  Car runs strong and I'm a little
nervous as boost hits 15 pounds.
> Another contributing problem (but not likely) is the shop had to call me
to start the car.  There is this wire i stick into slot #16 (possibly helps
the fuel pump).   Problem was supposedly fixed - and it hadn't had to do
that but today i did.   Normally I hear a buzzing noise come and go when the
car runs (from the rear seat area) but I didn't notice the noise with the
wire in - so maybe I'm bypassing something that might reduce fuel metering.
> steven murray
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