[urq] Re: Upper Wastegate Hose on '83 Ur Quattro

Ben Swann benswann at comcast.net
Wed May 5 20:58:59 EDT 2004

I usually do this, just my plans were to pull the engine, so didn't want to
spend a lot of time to pretty things up if the engine is coming out.  Looks
like I may do this anyway.

Turns out, the overboost cutout, if that is what is happening is still
there, just not as prevalent as before.

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> Based on my experience with the WX, one of the first things an owner
> do on these cars is just go ahead and replace _every_ vacuum hose - it
> be somewhat of a PITA, but I believe it will save lots of time and running
> issues over the long run.
> Brandon
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> Thanks for the replies from all.  From what I gather, the upper wastegate
> does not really connect to anything.  I was seaching for something since
> someone had put a hose on the port, which did not go anywhere.
> I replaced the lower wastegate hose and tightened some clamps.  That fixed
> the problem.  Funny - the hose was not torn, although it did not look too
> good.  When applying pressure to the hose and holding the other end
> if it was leaking, it was a very small leak - more like it was weeping
> pressure slightly through the walls in various places, like it had gotton
> porous over time.   I guess it was enough to cause the overboost problem.
> Probably a combination of the adjacent hose not being clamped very tightly
> after I did some recent maintenance, and the lower wastegate hose getting
> kind of raggy.
> Ben
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>   Where does it go?  There is a hose attached to mine, but it doesn't go
> anywhere and I see nothing in the vicinity to connect it to.

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