[urq] Anyone have sport quattro wiring diagrams?

James Howard ur.quattro at ntlworld.com
Mon May 10 18:51:32 EDT 2004

It doesn't surprise me that the Sq does not have a resistor - as far as I
know it's the same in the US as it is here (UK) and rest of Europe - don't
know how they got away with that!
The Euro Urq (at least the WR) only has a single fan speed - just on (fast)
or off.

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> Hi guys.
> My stock coupe quattro radiator fan is rated at 250watts and I noticed
today that the wires and the fan is fried.  I am going to put a 80 amp
fuseable link on but I am not sure what fan to use with my 20vT swap.
> The 3b motor fan is rated at 350watts and actually is the one that I have.
I am wondering If this has anything to do with it?
> The sport quattro fan is rated at 700 mind blowing watts and is something
I would consider but I wonder what I would have to do with wiring? Stock
wiring is 2.5 gauge aka 12 gauge wires.  With a fuseable link would this
setup be ok???
> Does anyone have information on this radiator fan and it's wiring?
> For some reason etka doesn't have the sport quattro radiator fan as having
a resistor? Can anyone comment on this?
> Thanks
> Josh
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