[urq] Brake 'upgrade'

Mike Del Tergo mdeltergo at hotmail.com
Thu May 13 08:28:02 EDT 2004

Some people have said they needed to cut and paste a bit for the G60's to go 
on the UrQ, mine bolted right up, be sure to get the 1987+, 276mm rotors 
from a 5KTQ.  I thought you were in on the distro for my upgrade kit?  New 
TT calipers/Carriers/pads and hoses, bolt up to the UrQ and 5000 pre 91 200, 
uses 312mm A8 rotors.  16' wheels minimum.

From: Bob <bob at audisport.com>

I want to upgrade the brakes on the UrQ, but havent really decided to
what degree. I have a set of G60s in my garage, so I thought Id start
with those. Anyone have a list of parts needed to hang them?

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