[urq] Rear hub dimensions

Bill Bennett ur.quattro at verizon.net
Wed May 19 00:04:36 EDT 2004

Gary if the hub is damaged where it fits into wheel bearing it will not be tapered, it will have a definite step or shoulder to it about 1mm smaller on the inboard end. and the "machining" on the smaller part will be rough, not shiny Do you have the same play at 3 and 9 too? Yes I really want to know so you don't waste time and money, so please let me know before you buy or take stuff apart,, gotta go 24 is about to come on. Bestus, Bill
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  Subject: [urq] Rear hub dimensions

  Hey all:
   Does someone here have access to the dimensions of the rear wheel hubs on the urq?
  Specifically the part that resides in the inner wheel bearing.
  Reason is, I'm getting a clunking. 

   With the right rear wheel off the ground and holding it at 6 and 12, I can feel it move. 

  Wheel bearings are brand new. 

  I've been told it can be that the hub has tapered from the inside to the outside, and also it could be the bearing is moving around between the clips.

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