[urq] Sounds good - I'll stick with the WX. The are parts.

steven j michellepfeiffersx at yahoo.com
Thu May 20 09:17:32 EDT 2004

I'd have to say that since parts are still available I'll stick with the current engine and get the oil cooler hoses replaced this week and the timing belt soon.  For now, the power seems quite good and 60% the appeal of these type 85 cars has been their appearance.   This car is so much stronger than my CGT.  
steve murray   da497

Mike Del Tergo <mdeltergo at hotmail.com> wrote:
I went down this road 2 years ago with my WR, older than your WX. After 
spending more than I would have liked for everything from oil squirters to 
custom pistons, I really thought I would have been better off going 3B or 
AAN. After driving the car, my only "real" mistake was not boosting the CR 
a bit beyond stock 7:1. Basically rebuilt the top end and pistons, balanced 
remaining pieces, went WC turbo and 2 piece exhaust. I has virtually all of 
the driving/boost characteristics of my 200 20v's. (excpet more so as the 
car is quite a bit lighter)
It is certainly more archaic, without the same tunabiltiy upside, but I am 
guessing an honest 240HP or so at 1 bar with no issues. I now consider it a 
wash vs an upgrade and the added labor of running a new ECU and harness etc.

From: steven j 
Subject: [urq] Is the WX engine rebuildable? Parts NLA?

I recall a post on the $$ value of having a WX engine
in a urq and one respondent replied that eventually
everyone is going to end up with a MC version in
they're car - which make me think he was saying that
rebuild parts aren't available at a resonable cost.

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