[urq] Intermittent Dead Tach

Maurits Jonkergouw urq at moregraphics.nl
Thu May 20 15:57:14 EDT 2004

I had this once and 'rocking' the mechanical tach extension on the block
cured it, never saw a dead tach again... (dear audi-god, please ignore).

> Hey all-
> Every few months my tach goes dead for a while.  Previously it would sometimes
> come alive after a restart.  Once this winter it died for about two weeks then
> came back-no problems until a few days ago when it died again.  No sign of
> life yet.....is there a ground in the instrument cluster that I should check,
> or is the supply signal the more likely culprit?  I guess my initial thought
> is the signal is more likely as I never had this problem before the the 3B
> conversion....
> TIA-
> Brandon 
> '84 ur


'86 quattro GV (WR)
'85 coupe KV
'82 coupe DD 

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