[urq] UPG-CT June 12th, 2004

Martin Pajak martin at quattro.ca
Mon May 31 20:38:14 EDT 2004


Yes, Toronto event would be great... I'll start looking into it...
Anyone in TO area want to donate some land for the venue? ;)

Martin Pajak


1983 Audi Ur-quattro (305,000 km) Winter Special
1985 Audi Ur-quattro (195,000 km) Euro spec. mit 3B ;)
1971 Porsche 911T (45,000 mi) All original

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Sorry to hear you can't make it, but congradulations on your job!
 I got kind of a promotion myself this past weekend.
 Next year maybe we should plan it upi your way or in Toronto or something.
We need to make plans early for next year.
Again, nice going!
Go Lightning!! hehehe
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I am sad to tell you this, Gary and al, but I won't be able to make to UPG
Shame, shame, shame...

However, the reason is interesting: I just found a new job and my first
weeks of training are to be held in Paris, France...

I know, I know, it's not easy but someone has to do it...

In fact, I now work for a US-based IT consultant firm called Computer
Horizons and the client I work for is Renault, yes yes, the car
Our job is to produce some computer-based training so Renault can evaluate
and train their technicians for the new technologies found in the newer
VERY interesting project, with a huge envelope, for a few years. I am one of
the "subject matter experts".

Why in Montreal?
1- Because we speak French;
2- Because we have the technological skills:
3- Because it's cheaper, by a wide margin.

So any comments about Canada being a third world country might be true. But
I won't accept any comments about this. Period. (TIC)

Regarding the UPG 2004, everything might not be loss: I know of a guy,
presently stuck in Indianapolis with a blown alternator in his 4KQ, that
might bring my urQ to UPG 2004. His own personal urQ will not be ready for
the drive, unless God himself take care of the project, so this way half of
the Montreal players will be there; 1 car and 1 guy.

I hope you guys will have a terrific UPG, while I am stuck in Paris (or in

"Je suis vraiment désolé de ne pouvoir assister à notre petite réunion
annuelle, mais mon cour et ma voiture y seront!"
(phrase to be pronounced with your best French accent).


1983 Quattro

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Hey guys.

The date is coming up fast now. I have recieved some payments, but would
like as many as possible by the 2nd so I can get a good idea of attendees to
judge the table and chair rentals and the amount of food preparation.
Paypal: gmbchef at comcast.net

Snail mail:
Gary Brown    30 Waite Street
Hamden, CT


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