[urq] More of the car that wouldn't start

Thatcher Hubbard thatcher.hubbard at gmail.com
Tue Nov 2 10:15:24 EST 2004

It will start now, as it would yesterday.  I checked the timing (that
is, the position of the cam versus the crank) and I was indeed off a
tooth, although when I restarted the car it ran even more roughly than

We've tried adjusting the distributor, the range in which it will
actually fire the coil is small, and it doesn't seem to matter where
we position it, the car will die if I don't use the throttle to keep
it at about 1k rpm.

I also checked all of my vacuum routing and such (thanks for the ETKA
slides and the routing diagram Louis-Alain).  There were two things
that I had not connected, the first being the small hose that goes to
the outside/underside of the igloo towards the front, and the ECU.

The ECU hose deserves its own discussion.  The digrams I have clearly
indicate that it go on the left-rear port (from the front of the car
looking back) of that group of four small ports that come off the back
of the IM.  The left rear port is slightly larger than the other three
though, which would indicate to me that a larger hose needs to be
attached to it.  My ECU hose is so brittle that I had to cut it back
and put one fo those inline hose splices in it.  I was wondering if
anyone else had noticed this.

So, the car will start after a crank or two (right away pretty much)
but will not idle at all, will run pretty roughly at 1k rpm and though
the engine will rev when I give it more gas, it's still pretty rough
(not like it used to be).  It seems like a timing issue, but I'm
running out of places to be wrong on that.  I'm pretty sure the coil
wouldn't even fire if I had the distributor in wrong (wrong relation
to cam) and like I said above, it doesn't seem to matter where we
position the distributor body versus the dizzy itself, the car still
doesn't run well.

Thanks again to everyone who's had suggestions for me, I really appreciate it.

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