[urq] More of the car that wouldn't start

Brandon Rogers brogers at terrix.com
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My first thought would be to pressurize the intake to make sure you have no
vacuum leaks.  If the car is sealed - then next check your duty cycle.  You
may have had a leak before that is now gone- hence throwing your DC way off.
I once fixed a "minor" leak that threw my DC off so much the car would die
immediately once off the gas - wouldn't even idle.  I had to blindly give
the 3mm a turn  - luckily I went in the right direction and the car was able
to idle while I walked from the driver seat to the front so I could properly
adjust it...



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> It will start now, as it would yesterday.  I checked the timing (that
> is, the position of the cam versus the crank) and I was indeed off a
> tooth, although when I restarted the car it ran even more roughly than
> before.
> We've tried adjusting the distributor, the range in which it will
> actually fire the coil is small, and it doesn't seem to matter where
> we position it, the car will die if I don't use the throttle to keep
> it at about 1k rpm.
> I also checked all of my vacuum routing and such (thanks for the ETKA
> slides and the routing diagram Louis-Alain).  There were two things
> that I had not connected, the first being the small hose that goes to
> the outside/underside of the igloo towards the front, and the ECU.
> The ECU hose deserves its own discussion.  The digrams I have clearly
> indicate that it go on the left-rear port (from the front of the car
> looking back) of that group of four small ports that come off the back
> of the IM.  The left rear port is slightly larger than the other three
> though, which would indicate to me that a larger hose needs to be
> attached to it.  My ECU hose is so brittle that I had to cut it back
> and put one fo those inline hose splices in it.  I was wondering if
> anyone else had noticed this.
> So, the car will start after a crank or two (right away pretty much)
> but will not idle at all, will run pretty roughly at 1k rpm and though
> the engine will rev when I give it more gas, it's still pretty rough
> (not like it used to be).  It seems like a timing issue, but I'm
> running out of places to be wrong on that.  I'm pretty sure the coil
> wouldn't even fire if I had the distributor in wrong (wrong relation
> to cam) and like I said above, it doesn't seem to matter where we
> position the distributor body versus the dizzy itself, the car still
> doesn't run well.
> Thanks again to everyone who's had suggestions for me, I really appreciate
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