[urq] UrQ SUb-Frame(s)

CARDCONSYS at aol.com CARDCONSYS at aol.com
Thu Nov 4 10:53:04 EST 2004

     I read with interest all the recommendations on this subject but found 
it difficult to sort the complete situation due to references to control arms 
etc. Basic questions for someone to answer please relating to just the 

     1.  Are the 83 sub-frames unique to the 83?
     2.  If the answer to 1 is NO can they be replaced, without 
modifications, by a sub-frame from some other model?
     3.  If modifications are required, which model sub-frames can be used 
and what are the modifications?
     Martin Dapot, 83 'UrQ'

     Does anyone have spare oil pan/sump for a standard WX engine that they 
would willing to part with? Mine is somewhat battered and rusty?
     Can the sump be removed with the engine 'in situ' and without removing 
the sub-frame?

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