[urq] Radiator fan not working???

MICHAEL CUNNINGHAM mtsea at prodigy.net
Sun Nov 7 13:41:21 EST 2004

It's such a beautiful day today thought i would take the Urq out for a spin. Ran fine thou when I shut her down I noticed something missing, the low hum of the radiator fan. So being as i own an early build 1983 Urq, I proceed to pull the dash apart to check the fuses (my car has an alarm system installed by the previous owner that sits directly in front of the fuse box. I must pull down the lower dash cover to remove the alarm system). Fuses look fine, althought I cannot check the relays. I'm wondering will the fan relays off a 4000s or a 5000cstq work? I don't have the relays here at the moment but I was going to go thru them when i get home. Thankfully it was cool this morning and i wasn't sitting in Sunday traffic, car never overheated. The other question is which one (fan relay) is it? My owner's manual doesn't list the relay postions and the Bentley shows an 1984 diagram but there are three rows of relays. Thanks Mike C

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