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What do you mean, they did wash it! Check out this picture courtesy of Tony
L. before the washing:
OK, it's possible that's the parts car with mold on it. I saw the cars a few
years ago. This was after Tony took that picture. One of them was put back
together which is certainly the one advertised. I didn't drive it, but it
did start up. It had a respray that wasn't great. The parts car has the
motor out and many other parts off of it including the front suspension. The
right front strut tower was damaged in an accident. The strut pushed up
through the top of the tower. The guy said his wife hit a speed bump in a
parking lot and it broke. I'm not buying that. Interestingly, these cars are
two or three miles from my house.

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> It always baffles me when they dont wash the car before they take pics.
> Seriously... it takes max of an entire hour to wash it and make it look
> pretty, and (especially with that black) you could perhaps get another
> for it.
> Jason

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