[urq] Looking for an 83 MC-2 ECU...can be stock or modified...

Ingo Rautenberg i.rautenberg at waratap.com
Wed Nov 10 15:40:27 EST 2004


You mean the stock oil-only lubricated K26.  While I can't comment
specifically WRT your intercooler size Q, there's always a comprimise
between size and efficiency.  The 944t IC has been adapted by a few listers
here.  Anything larger and you will have increased lag (pressure drop).  No
personal experience with hybrid K24/K26.  K24 has a nice power band, BTW,
though it is more prone to Heat Soak in high useage conditions.


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I'm sorry for confusion, I'm looking for a Hitachi MAC-02 ECU for the
original stock WX engine.

Someone correct me if I'm wrong?

I'm also looking at placing a K24/K26 hybrid in place of the water
cooled K26, should this be considered in the ECU upgrade? I'm looking at
prob just running about 14-15psi to be on the safe side but would like a
wider power band.

Can anyone give input as to how much lag one gets with placing a larger
intercooler with longer hoses? I have read a few books and none of them
really touch on how much more lag will be attained. They all seem to
talk about size, thickness, types of fins and placement?
I guess the question becomes, how much intercooler is too much? Or maybe
someone can post pics or thoughts on placements and running of hoses? I
have a place that is "Semi" local that custom builds intercoolers but
would like to get it right the first time (Ok well at least not totally


JP Chaplen.


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