[urq] still poor starting

Buchholz, Steven Steven.Buchholz at kla-tencor.com
Fri Nov 12 17:21:56 EST 2004

... does your car have the "hot start pulse relay" installed?  You can
sometimes tell this by hearing a relay clicking on and off every second
or so after the starter has been running a few seconds ... this relay
opens the cold start injector to help get more fuel into the engine ...
on my car, if a cool engine doesn't catch in a few seconds I release the
ignition switch to prevent the relay from engaging and then crank it
again ... at which point it usually fires right away ... 

Since you have a WR engine we know that the OXS mixture control stuff
isn't messing with the mixture, so your report of the rich readings on
the AF meter are a bit odd ... perhaps the control pressure is too low
when the engine is cold ... 

Steve B
San Jose, CA (USA)
> Sometimes the car will start first time with virtually no 
> turn over of the engine and no foot on throttle pedal.
> However if it does not catch first time it will not then 
> start on that go.
> I have to stop and turn it over again with my foot flat to 
> the floor and after a few seconds of continuous cranking it will fire.
> It always fires up and has not let me down but this long 
> cranking is a pain.
> I use the car every day. The most it lies idle is over night 
> but if I don't use it for a few days the next time i use it 
> it fires first turn of the key.
> I have noticed that if I switch off when hot and then fire it 
> up again a few minutes later it fires straight away but the 
> air fuel meter shows an extremely rich mixture. I would not 
> have expected this on a hot start.
> Car has solid lifters (WR engine) and the gaps are all 
> generally 0.05mm wider that spec. I have checked the various 
> fuel pressures and they appear to be in limits, I have fitted 
> a new starter and new injectors, fuel filter and plugs, leads 
> and distributor cap and rotor. 
> Will it be a thermotime switch problem or CSV?
> Why is it imtermittent?
> Any ideas would be most welcome.
> Thanks
> Keith
> '87 WR

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