[urq] My troubles with Stebro continue

a.j.gaidos at comcast.net a.j.gaidos at comcast.net
Fri Nov 12 17:32:37 EST 2004

No apology needed. In general Canadians are great and the women friendly. I don't know if stopping in would do any good. I've already contacted my card company to try and reverse charges - at least for the rear section I never received. This was not a great week and this was not a great way to end it....

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> Hi Anton/All, 
> I'm not surprised. Since Dan from Stebro so kindly sent the UPS tracking 
> number to the list, I checked (hope you don't mind!)its progress, and saw 
> that the weight of the package was only 10 pounds. I thought to myself, 
> "Oh-oh, something's up!" 
> Not that it will likely make much difference, but next weekend I'll be in 
> Ottawa for the Grey Cup (Canadian football championship game and big party). 
> It's about 30 minutes from Manotick (where Stebro is located). I can make an 
> appearance if you think it might help. 
> On behalf of all Canadians, I apologize for Dan's unforgivably crappy and 
> dishonest service. 
> Anyways, let me know.... 
> Cheers, Brady 
> 86 4kq with a blown rear section of the exhaust. Guess where I'm NOT buying 
> my system from! 
> 83 urq 
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> All, 
> I really don't think anyone should deal with this company. As a refresher, 
> when I called to order my system Oct. 6th. I was told by Dan he had one in 
> stock and it would take 10 to 14 days to ship it. Then he said it was caught 
> up in US customs at the Canadian border. That seemed possible with the 
> current international tensions. When he finally gave me a tracking number 
> for it Nov 5th. The records showed it wasn't even picked up from Stebro 
> until Nov. 4th. In other words he lied. Evidently more then once. 
> Anyway, today was the date UPS said it would be delivered and it was - 
> partly. I got the center section but no rear section and no mounting hangers 
> as advertised. I called him twice today and emailed him as well but there 
> has been no response. At this point I told him (in voicemail) I want the 
> $335 for the rear section credited back to my account period. No more 
> stories, no more excuses, no more bullshit. If the thing shows up I'll 
> refuse delivery and it can go back. I told him I'll have a local shop fab a 
> rear section and thanks for the headaches. 
> As I said, I've heard nothing. Not so much as an email telling me he'll 
> credit back the money. So that's where we're at. 6 weeks and only partial 
> shipment..... 
> Anton 
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