[urq] Ball Joint & Steering Update

Rick Petrow rpetrow at comcast.net
Fri Nov 12 21:48:32 EST 2004

  Finally got the car down from the jackstands & back out on the road to
make the daily commute in the rainy weather. Car is still a joy to drive but
getting to be more needy in its old age! Here is what I learned on the ball
joints from my early series ‘83:

·	Rare Parts, the specialty suspension parts people in sunny California, can
supply exact replacement joints for 857 407 365 C & 857 407 366 C. Their
part numbers are 10778 for the left rear (or right front) and 10475 for the
right rear (or left front). Oddly enough the latter costs $50 while the left
rear commands $92. Both are direct replacements and even have the correct
German numbers on the boots. Auto Zone is a large customer of Rare Parts and
can get the parts for you too. No one else in the states could get these
(except for a kind lister across the pond.)

  Also replaced the right front spring cup as the OE had severely thinned
and corroded allowing the coil spring to contact the strut tower. Amazed
that only that side had the problem as all the rest are in good shape. Car
now does not suffer from arthritis although that is a problem for the owner!

  While replacing the spring cap, $50 from Impex, noticed the tie rod to
steering rack bracket looked strange. After reviewing drawings from Audi
Service Manuals it became clear that the previous owner had bolted the ends
to the bracket from the front rather than from behind! Moved the ends as per
the book and adjusted the toe and the steering now feels much better. The
difference is small but has been that way for many years!

  Also wanted to pass along some info on the ATE power brake servo that I
rebuilt recently. The seals were leaking and a lister put me in contact with
Sport Wheels in Colorado, 970-945-2708. They put together a collection of
seals & o-rings that took care of the problem. The seals were $50 while the
shop will to the work for $300. Guess what route I took!

  New Traction T/A’s make the car set for the winter!

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