[urq] Snow Tires

John Koenig johnkoenig at greennet.net
Mon Nov 15 09:00:11 EST 2004

I've just been looking at these too.  There are several dealers in MA
(although tirefactory.net might have better prices) ... use the Dealer
Locator at http://www.nokiantires.com/newsite/index.html.

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From: Ingo Rautenberg <IRautenberg at comcast.net>

> I'm a big fan of Nokian Hakka Q's.  Unfortunately, they're phasing them
> in favor of the newer RSI series.  Don't know about MA, but you can order
> them from the Tire Factory in Michigan (free shipping):
> http://www.tirefactory.net/nokian.htm
> -Ingo
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> From: "Andrew S Basinski" <basinski.a at neu.edu>
> > Well it's finally upon us here in MA ...
> > Any suggestions?
> > Thanks,
> > -Andrew

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