[urq] Oil temperature sender location

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Crap. I have a gauge from an early Coupe (150C) and a sender from a 4KQ 

I'll bench-test them together first to see how far off the gauge will be 
at a known temperature (100C).

Thanks for the tip.


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2004-11-16 13:13
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Re: [urq] Oil temperature sender location

IMO best place is the factory place - use the factory sender that screws 
into the pump on the front of the block.  You can get a used one off a CGT
and snag its gauge - you know they work together.  Beware there are
different temp ranges so make sure you get proper corresponding
senders/gauges.  ISTR early Audis had a 150C range while later cars have


'84 ur w/ oil temp gauge

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> Hi there,
> I want to install an oil temp sender (from a 86 4kcsq) on my car, and I
> read somewhere that it can be installed in 2 places : to replace the oil
> pan drain plug or on the oil pump itself.
> Which is the best spot ?
> Is there any no-no I should know before playing with the oil circuitry ?
> TIA,
> Louis-Alain
> 1983 Quattro
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