[urq] Corrado?

Charles Baer charlie at istari.com
Tue Nov 16 17:31:30 EST 2004

Yeah, my Dad always wanted to have some cards printed to carry in his 
"Free Tuition to the Denver School of Parking for the Congenitally 
(or something like that!)

We need something similar for people who can't seem to connect other model
family ties: 911RSR/TypeIV-412, GT40/Pinto, Corvette/Chevette

I wrote off Audi after driving a couple of company Foxes in the 70s, 
Then came the "she-bitch" of legend...even in the cheaper models I found a
new reason to buy a four-ringer.


Brandon Rogers wrote:

>Well I got the old "is that a Corrado or Scirocco?" while paying for gas today.  I wasn't the best ambassador as I pointedly said it was an Audi turbo quattro coupe and it would smoke any Corrado...(true or not).  He replied that it was the same company and it _did_ look like a Corrado.  Unfortunately I wasn't in the mood, and didn't really have time to educate the poor fool.....

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