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Thatcher Hubbard thatcher.hubbard at gmail.com
Thu Nov 18 10:12:04 EST 2004

Yeah, I suppose if it wasn't in GT2,3 or PGR1 or 2 it doesn't show up
on their radar.

On Wed, 17 Nov 2004 22:44:57 -0500, John Koenig <johnkoenig at greennet.net> wrote:
> Sounds like what happens when all your knowledge of cars comes from a
> magazine or a video game!  Those guys need to get out more, maybe to a real
> car guys' gathering once in a while..
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> > I got the Scirocco bit when I had my car smogged... he was concerned
> because the book didn't show any 5cyl turbo 'Roccos.  It's been called a
> Delorean too, but the best was some Autozone'd Honda driver, who after being
> shown the "big a**" rings on the doors by his buddy, proceeded to go off
> about how it was definitely a Lotus Esprit. :)
> >
> > Tucker
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