[urq] Into the CIS abyss

DGraber460 at aol.com DGraber460 at aol.com
Thu Nov 18 12:08:02 EST 2004

Last night I ventured into the black abyss of CIS experimentation. I know  to 
some that's a 4 letter word, but have mercy.
Since I acquired my WXd 83 URQ (and 2 motors since) it has not been  
consistant or impressive at full throttle. Ever!
So- I pulled 2 fuel distributors from the local boneyard. The plan was to  
have 1 to experiment with, one stock with which to return to the  hinterland's 
original spec, and my original.
I put one on the car last night and adjusted the allen screws under the  caps 
next to the fuel lines out (counterclockwise- rich) 45 degrees each.
The preliminary results are YEEHAAAAAAAAAA! Full throttle as it was  intended 
to be. All the way to redline, and not just in 3rd gear. I will now  check 
the plugs routinely for indications of rich/lean etc. The frequency valve  still 
dials right in, so I don't feel I have gone over the edge with  mixture.
Maybe I should put together a fuel ratio meter? Anyone who has done that  and 
could talk a non electric dummy through the process would be greatly  
More real life driving impressions to follow, but so far it is an amazing  

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