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daniel darlington lanky_d at yahoo.com
Thu Nov 18 14:49:17 EST 2004

well, it's finally happened.  the car is wrecked
beyond repair.  I'm going to part 90% of it out and
keep the fuel pump, exhaust, steering wheel, and
stress bar.  the rest will go.  tell me what you need.
Make me an offer. Car is NE Atlanta.
the details:
-Green exterior/brown leather interior.
-Front fenders stretched out, but can probably be
-bumper/spoiler, euro lights, hella 500s all intact.
-good hood (with a vent cut in above the turbo).
-All tail lights, blinkers and side markers blacked
good rear wing.  
-front seats need bolster work, rear seat looks brand
-all door panels in great shape.
-Door handles (all keyed w/ ignition cyl if you want,
or it's a pretty easy process to change the
cylinders)are good and will come with  Armour Door
Plate protectors.
-all glass and mirrors good with the exception of the
-motor has ~75K since re-build.  268 cam and
adjustable cam gear. block is out of '87 5kt with the
water cooled turbo (i don't know engine code off the
top of my head). I have all records of work.
-front subframe cracked, but all else seems ok.  i'll
know later.
there's pretty much the whole car available.  let me
know what you need. I can post pics or send them out
it sucks, but i'm hoping to get another ur-Q soon.  

P.S.-i'm driving a white 1991 Alfa 164 now, so if
anyone knows where i can find a driver's door handle,
that would help too.

daniel a. darlington

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