[urq] Snow Tires 2: Revenge of Snow Tires

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Both should fit, though the track will be narrower.  Since you mention the
other set of wheels looks to be similar style, they may be off a 200 (but
likely from '89 or '90) or the later ('92 on)100/A6 -- both of which would
be ET 45.  '91 200q20v are BBS mesh with ET 35 and the '90 V8 (either BBS or
aero style) also have ET 35.  Ask the seller what the ET is (should be on
front of wheel).


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> So I've decided to get a set of used tires/wheels so that all the hard
> work is done already.  I've found two sets which are nice, but I want
> to make sure they'll fit.
> Set 1 is on OEM Audi 5000 rims, with 45mm of offset.  Will these fit
> on my early UrQ?
> Set two is OEM Audi 200 from 1992, i believe.  They are similar in
> style to the ones above, but lack the center cap.  They are in the
> classifieds.  I don't know the offset.
> Will either of these fit?  I have rolled fenders, and 15x8 ronals
> right now.  If anybody knows, please let me know by Monday, and i can
> get some good wheels and tires for cheap.
> Thanks!
> -Andrew
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