[urq] the infamous 4000 rpm cutout is back

Louis-Alain_Richard at computerhorizons.com Louis-Alain_Richard at computerhorizons.com
Mon Nov 22 09:34:48 EST 2004

Hi there,

My car is experiencing the 4000 rpm cutout since a couple days.
I bench-checked the idle switch and it works normally.
I measured the resistance of the air temp sensor, and it is fine (22-28 
I also replaced its connectors, just to be sure it was not a simple 
connectivity problem.
Result: cutout still present.
Now, I've (obviously) perused the archives for pertinent info, and the 
only bit of information worth something is a post from Steven B related to 
the distributor alignment. I didn't play with it since a while, but I 
guess I should check it nonetheless, just to be sure. To be done tonight.
I will also unplug the idle switch and test the engine just to be sure it 
is not acting during operation.

BTW, when I rev the engine at rest (no load), it is experiencing the same 
behavior so I guess it is not boost related.

So now, where should I direct my search? 


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