[urq] The price of greatness

Michael Hopton Michael at siliconoptix.com
Mon Nov 22 14:28:59 EST 2004

The availabilty of Fuchs in the US is one of the "few" better things
owning an ur-q in North America. Fuchs seem to be scarcer than hen's
teeth in Europe and the UK and often go for the same price as 8"

regards, Mike

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<Also, what's the deal with Fuchs wheels?  I know 8" Ronals  have some
<desireability, but are these as collectable?  I saw a  set on ebay go
<$75, guess I should have picked them  up!

Is your point that Fuchs are too high or too low?
I've been looking for a set for some time, and haven't seen anything for

what I think their worth. I was preparing to bid on the $75 set when
they  were 
mysteriously pulled early and sold for $75. I was a bit annoyed (more
pissed!) at not having a shot at them, but that's auction life I guess.
Still looking for a set, and so far resisting the temptation to get the

brand new 15x7 TSW Hockenhiem Rs for $349 including shipping from Cheap


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