[urq] Into the CIS abyss

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Mon Nov 22 23:03:59 EST 2004

In a message dated 11/22/2004 6:34:39 PM Mountain Standard Time,  
Steven.Buchholz at kla-tencor.com writes:

my plan  is to actually install gauges for the control
pressure and duty cycle so  that I can see them from the cockpit while
the engine is running.   I've even thought about installing EGT sensors
for each cylinder in the  exhaust manifold. 

I have done the duty cycle into the cabin (computer IDE 4 pin connector  
works really well here), and left the fuel pressure gauge inplace, so I can at  
least stop and check at any given temp or condition. That has proved to be  
helpful, and I can watch the duty cycle in real time.
Doesn't the ECU go stoic at WOT and run the FV at a preset value? It isn't  
adjustable or reacting to any input at WOT is it?
Starting, idle, and partial throttle seem to be the same as always, with  the 
exception of cold (closed loop) idle is lower than prior to adjustment,  and 
requires pedal input. For most of it's 3+ years with me it did that anyway,  
just not recently, so I'm sort of used to that.
I have a couple of spare auxiliary air valves, and will check to make  sure 
that is functioning properly.
Still seeking the CIS Holy Grail. 

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