[urq] Fuchs are all the rage

todd ward ltw0808 at yahoo.com
Tue Nov 23 19:10:56 EST 2004

These Fuchs are really taking off again. I've heard
news tire manufacturers developing a new snow&mud tire
to satisfy demand for these wheels{and Sid Fynch has a
140mph fastball, mid eighties reference}. In case
anyone is interested I'll buy and refurbish a set of
Fuchs for you, one catch. One of you 83ers will have
to give up your 8" ronals for them. Have you seen the
pics of my ugly black BBS on my 84 BLECH!. Whoever
talked the previous owner out of his ronals should be
ashamed of yourself. Everyone have a Great Turkey Day
and Louis Congrats on fixing your problem, now cmon
over and we'll do the same to mine. Todd 

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