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I had a similar thing a while back and it was goo in the fuel tank (water
emulsion) blocking the outlet from the tank (the gauze bag type strainer on
the outlet pipe inside) slowing fuel to the pump, pump was struggling and
mixture going lean, The stumble was intermittent, rapid (i.e. just like a
miss) and gradually got worse. I disconnected pipe to sediment trap
(upstream of the pump) and no fuel came out! Anyway, blew compressed air in
to tank and then drained it. No problems since. At least not that problem!
I think I've used my quota of brackets there so I'll stop.
Hope this helps.


'87 WR
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> My problem lingers, though I haven't been aggressively trying to fix
> it.  But I noticed a couple more things that make me wonder if it's
> not an electronic problem.
> First, when the problem happens, the revs drop, but I can hear the
> engine still firing.  But, the tach drops to zero and then bounces
> back up again right away.  It will do it when I'm off the throttle
> (coasting) too.
> Second, which sensor is it that can cause the fuel pump to cut out?
> The MAP sensor in the ECU?
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