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My Bitch has been using synthetic oil for about eight years now, with no
problems, I have owned her since '94, worked on her since she was new, no
oil leak issues, ever, of course I only use German synthetic oil from
Pentosin, yeah ,yeah, I used Mobil One for a couple of years at first,
Pentosynth 5W40 rocks, and by the by, she is still using her original turbo
after 140 K miles, and nadda for axial or radial play, good PO and a HKS
turbo timer deserve that credit. Bill ps all the oil seals are original
except the cam shaft seal and valve cover gasket, and well duh the oil drain
plug gasket, sheet, I better shut up,she will want serious money if she
finds out that I am bragging about her.
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> My '83 had been running Castrol 20-50 since new until I bought it, then I
started feeding it Mobil 1 15w-50 every 3000/ 6 months.  Since my car sits
for long periods between drives sometimes, I believe in the longevity of
synthetic, especially on a vehicle that generates as much heat as an UrQ,
with a less than efficient non-water cooled turbo. The only problem has been
leaks from the front crank seal since the switch.  I replaced the original
seal and t-belt at around 60k, and it just started seeping again, 4 years
and 10k later, and that may just be because it sits. Good luck!
> Tucker Fritch
> '83 UrQ
> '86 4kcsq
> '82 Vanagon
> '68 2002
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