[urq] Dumb & Dumber

Maurits Jonkergouw studio at moregraphics.nl
Sun Nov 28 20:53:46 EST 2004

Yesterday at 23.30 h me and some friends went out for a drink and I parked my urq in a multifloor parking lot that turned out to be closed after midnight. Of course I did not catch the signs "open 7 / 24 ", -thinking this ment 7/24.
So we shared a taxi at 2.30 h and decided to return the next afternoon. This was 25km from home. Said and done, the next day after some sleep we took the GT to collect my car. 

Apparently I'd left the headlights on. Normally she warnes me for such stupidity, but not this time. I also noticed kein Bitte Bremslicht Prufen and SicherheitsGuhlt Anzehen warnings. Mmmm, Heidi gave up on me, damned. Jump start the car, but how? The battery is under the seat and there was no way my cables could reach the GT behind me. So we had to push the car out, followed by a sharp right turn (remember, no power) but the car next to me prevented this, so we had to push it all the way out before to make the turn. Unfortunately, this all took place just in front of the driveway/ramp to enter the first floor, people had to wait.

So we managed to push the car out and this allowed me to park the GT next to it. Remember, this all takes place -inside- the lot on a busy shopping day. Jumpercables ready and fire up your engines! Peace of cake.

Once back home I was little worried why the voice synthesizer gave up on me and browsed the quattroforum

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