[urq] Great day yesterday got the "nice-car-thumbs-up-into-a-hang-loose" sign from a kid....

MICHAEL CUNNINGHAM mtsea at prodigy.net
Tue Nov 30 10:10:47 EST 2004

driving a beat up Acura Legend. I returned the secret cool sign with a simple nod followed by a twist-of-the-wrist-wave. However, thruoghout the course of the day I noticed a slight whiff of antifreeze inside the car. Could not find a leak anywhere under the car or in and around the hoses and radiators. My guess is the heater core, seeing you can smell it inside but not really outside. any BTDT's? I cannot believe that the urq has a cracked head or gasket for that matter. I would think if the fan stopped working or the thermostat was stuck the car would boil over first (yes i have yet to install a temp guage) like my 90 90 20vq did this passed july when the fan came unpluged by accident. Thanks Mike C

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