[urq] 84' Audi QT

Brandon Rogers brogers at terrix.com
Tue Nov 30 16:44:54 EST 2004

I don't suppose you have all your old parts with you as spares....could
start swapping them back in....

I would _make_sure_ that dizzy is properly aligned and properly tightened
down.  Double check all your ignition connections.  Not sure what sensor you
are referring to - but only thing I can think of over there is the vacuum
dealy bob for the WUR.  Make sure your vacuum lines to the WUR are okay.
Can you hook up a fuel pressure gauge and monitor at start up?  It should
climb to about 50psi within a couple minutes.  No knock sensor on WX.  Start
her up and check duty cycle, just to be sure.  Maybe there is prob with the
Freq Valve and once it goes closed loop (???whichever one is for warmed up
cars - not cold) the mixture is way off.  ????   The TDC and flywheel sensor
are generic Audi parts I think - get a used one or and swap in.  I believe
they are interchangeable - however they do need to be hooked up to the
correct harness connections...

maybe there is gunk in the tank - so it gets clogged after a few minutes -
coinciding with warm up.....

Pretty much all I can think of....

Hmmmm thinking hard here - sorry to hear you're stranded. I'm not good with
ignition stuff....C'mon guys speak up what's Todd's problem???


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> Guys, Stuck here in St. Joe, MO -- Tech. shop replaced
> Hall Effect Sensor in Dist. because the vehicle stalls
> with no fire after engine heats up.. Wait 1 hr. and it
> will start back up! Ideas they have is the Ignition
> Module and 2 Reference Sensors that they cannot
> identify.  Look like Crank or Knock Sensors on Left
> Hand Rear Bank of Engine Block...  I greatly
> appreciate your input...
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