[urq] Re: 6" Ronals and Fuchs: wheel design

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Trivia: (and I don't know the answer)

We all know that wheel design is directly linked to the body design. 
Usually, OEM choose carefully which wheels will be available on a specific 

Knowing that, I can understand why Audi put the Typ43 wheels on the 
urQuattro and the 4000; they share some sheetmetal similarities and this 
way one can see the link between the model lines. IMO, the Ronal 6" are at 
their best on the Typ43.

The urQ is one _very_ angulous body design (could have been a Giugiaro 
design, just like the DeLorean, the Esprit and the Scirocco... three cars 
that are often confused with our urQs...See the pattern?) and the Typ44 is 
a very smooth design, to the very opposite of the crisp lines of the UrQ.

So the question is: 
Was the Fuchs designed for the Typ 85 or the Typ 44 ? 
And why it is able to compliment so gracefully these two automobiles?
Maybe it's an "universally perfect shape" (typical of an era), like the 
Cragar SS, the Porsche's own Fuchs or the BBS of the eighties?

Comments welcome.

PS: In my basement, I store 5 sets of wheels+tires: Fuchs, Ronals, 90-91 
CQ 15"x7" Speedlines (wide lip), Volvo 850 Turbo 5-spokes and a set of 
15x6, 4 bolts OEM VW silver steelies (Corrado winter wheels, ET35, the 
rare one with the 12 large D-shaped windows). Honey went in my "tire 
stocking room" yesterday, and said that, among all the precious alloy 
there, her steelies were the prettiest!!! Go figure...

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Ingo Rautenberg <i.rautenberg at waratap.com>, urq at audifans.com

6" ronals: [urq] Fuchs are all the rage

The 6" ronals might have a comeback - at least for
those with 83's.  If your 83 is being judged in a show
you could loose points for having the 8". 
BTW - I once saw a 6" 5x112 ronal R8 that was for a
5000 but it looked flatter - the center hub didn't
bump out so I figured they may not clear the calipers
- especially because i have the G60s.  Would those fit
a urq?  The part# was not the same of my own 6" r8s.
steve murray

--- Ingo Rautenberg <i.rautenberg at waratap.com> wrote:

> Todd,
> Did I miss something?  The '83 Urq's didn't come
> with 8" Ronals - just the
> 6" ones...

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