[urq] 1998 5 Valve A-4 sheared exhaust cam

Bill Bennett bill.bennett at verizon.net
Wed Oct 6 23:54:34 EDT 2004

I have this car with a supercharger on it, the belt timing is right on the
money using factory tools and the exhaust cam on the right bank (B1) has
sheared under the bearing cap right between the two exhaust cam lobes for
the # two cylinder. gueeze I have never seen that happen on any of the V-6
powerplants. The intake cam on the right bank is free and both cams on the
left side are fine. Any thoughts about this welcome as iATN has not had this
happen, does schrick make cams for this engine? nothing seized, the cam just
spilt (sheared) under the 2nd bearing cap!

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