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Thu Oct 7 02:24:15 EDT 2004

In a message dated 10/6/2004 9:45:17 PM Mountain Daylight Time, 
basinski.a at neu.edu writes:

> Most importantly:  My turbo gauge is making a lot of noise.  I can't 
> seem to find exactly what it is, but it sure seems like the gauge.  
> When I give it some gas, the gauge moves and the noise stops.  When it 
> drops back down after I take my foot off the throttle, I get a low 
> wheeze from somewhere in the dash.  Sometimes it happens when I'm 
> idling, but it is most apparent when the revs drop.  Should I look into 
> an aftermarket gauge?  Can it be fixed?

Probably leaking into the gauge behind the dash... a good solution comes with 
question #2.

> #2, what is a good option for a coolant temp gauge?  Where can I put 
> the sender?  I noticed one already towards the front of the engine, can 
> I use that with just another wire?

Here's what I prefer.  Buy the OEM coolant gauge that was produced for the 
4000.  There is one available that actually has numbers in it.  It fits into the 
spot vacated by the original boost gauge.  Then replace the boost gauge with 
an aftermarket unit.  I use an Autometer gauge that reads both vacuum and 
boost.  This can be mounted in an Autometer cup on the A-pillar on the door... 
right where the interior cover for the mirror mount is located.  It looks/works 
great, and is inconspicuous.

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