[urq] New quattro

Mike Del Tergo mdeltergo at hotmail.com
Thu Oct 7 08:48:15 EDT 2004

this could be the boost gauge but my money is on the of the 2 check valves 
in line on the boost/vuccum lines.  Pull out your stereo or your diff lock 
panel and you will find a small blk/blu in line plastic filter running in 
one of the small vac lines.  These go bad and make a really annoying 
"nasally" whine.  You will also see one under the hood along the top of the 
firewall.  you can apply vacuum to both ends and see if it leaks.  These are 
very pricey from Audi but can be bought generically from most flaps.  
(remember the blk/blu orientation as it must be installed directionally 
correctly, any generic replacement should have an arrow indicating boost 

From: Andrew S Basinski <basinski.a at neu.edu>
Hi guys, I'm new to this list and also to the world of audis.  I just

Most importantly:  My turbo gauge is making a lot of noise.  I can't
seem to find exactly what it is, but it sure seems like the gauge.
When I give it some gas, the gauge moves and the noise stops.

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