[urq] IST Docs

fdekat fdekat at sentex.net
Thu Oct 7 12:58:45 EDT 2004

Hello All:

> There are a couple recommended reference documents ... first is the
> Bentley manual for the car and second is the "Introductory Service
> Training (IST)" documents.  I understand the latter is no longer
> available from Dyment.

Maybe..  But if you have a urq, you   **N_E_E_D**   these documents!!!!

Try here for pdf copies:

Introduction (How it all works. Very interesting):

Maintenance(Basically, the section that should have been in the 4000/Coupe
Bently book, but isn't!):

All from Matin's website: http://www.quattro.ca


 =Frank de Kat=

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