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Brandon Rogers brogers at terrix.com
Thu Oct 7 15:43:36 EDT 2004

That temp sender under the water neck is for the ECU, IIRC.  You don't want
to tap off it.  You will want the white 2 prong sender (120C/250F) that is
found on 4kqs and CGTs.  Not sure what is on ebay.  Tony's post was right on
the money.  As was Dave's WRT to the boost gauge.

Can't help with rustproofing stuff, but some people have fitted 4kq inner
fender wells into the urq - seems like a great idea seeing as how there all
sorts of nooks and crannies up in there that would be rust's playground in
certain climates....

Rumor has it the washer pumps are like $8 at your FLAPS etc - same pump as a
rabbit.  I could use one too....

'84 ur

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> Hey guys, thanks for all the great info.  I'll have to look into
> swapping the coolant for the boost gauge, that may kill two birds with
> one stone.  I did notice a strange (empty) vacuum filter in the glove
> box, so that may have occured before.
> On installing this coolant gauge-let's say I get the gauge, and get it
> properly wired up.  The temperature sensor is my biggest concern.  I
> found one at the front of the engine under the radiator hose, and I've
> found sensors available on ebay for less than $20.  If I bought one,
> swapped them, installed the gauge, what will I need to wire?  Right
> now, there is only one wire coming out of the sensor.  Though I haven't
> traced it, I figure it goes to the ECU or something.  Will I have to
> run a second wire?  Can I just swap the sensor and reconnect the one
> wire?  The ones on ebay show a plastic connector with what appears to
> be 2 prongs.  The one on my car is just a single outlet with no plastic.
> As for rustproofing- what are my options?  Undercoating, regular wash
> and wax?  I'm not in buffalo, but rather in boston (and sometimes
> syracuse) but the car will see significant snow.
> #3, my windshield washers don't work.  The wipers go, there's fluid in
> it, the tubes are clear and ready, but nothing is going.  It's got to
> be the pump, but before I replace it, could it be the wiring?  Should I
> just scrap it and get a new one?  There's some on ebay for 15$ or so.
> Lastly, thanks so much for the help already.  You guys are fantastic,
> I've already got answers to a bunch of my questions.  Just some
> comments on my car- I have electric diff locks, should I expect there
> to be a vacuum behind it anyways?  My seats are original, but I have no
> intention of refurbishing them.  They look fine, but the driver's side
> bolster and back switch don't work.  If I replace them, racing seats
> will probably go in.  David- is that your car with the black wheels?
> It looks good, but I'm still on the line.  I'll try and get some photos
> so you can see what I mean when I say silver(ish).
> Thanks, and expect more questions in the future.
> -Andrew
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