[urq] UPG 2005 Events

AudiQtroCp at aol.com AudiQtroCp at aol.com
Sat Oct 16 18:44:11 EDT 2004

Hey guys, after coming back from "Sharks West" (BMW 6 Series) event I had an 
idea that Vegas might not be such a bad place for a West Side UPG.

Their event was in the overflow parking lot for the Stratosphere, they had as 
much of it as they needed.  The Stratosphere also let them put a car in the 
Casino/Hotel to pimp the event.  They had a show-n-shine form 9 til noon and 
then headed out for a scenic drive west of the city thru Red Rock Canyon ( a 13 
mile loop once you get into the park ).  The price of the entry for the 
show-n-shine included a dinner buffet at the Stratosphere.  Afterwards ( tomorrow I 
believe ) they are finishing up the weekend with a trip to the car museum at 
the Imperial Palace.

Seeing how they handled this in Vegas sparked some creative thinking on my 
part and if there was interest I think we could have a great event here next 
season ( hopefully in the spring while its still mild ).

Im convinced we could get some support from ACNA and or the local dealer.  Im 
not sure if anyone has persued that yet ( except Paul ) since they have been 
pretty low-key social gatherings.  

Would anyone be against inviting other Audi enthusiasts besides our small 
core group of UrQ drivers?

PS Out of all the Bmer guys there, less than a handful were humble enough to 
express interest in my UrQ that was parkd adjacent to their line of cars  lol

I DO love the 6 Series cars but Im not sure I could ever make the transition 
to that group on a social level.

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