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Brandon Rogers brogers at terrix.com
Mon Oct 18 15:32:40 EDT 2004

Hey Sean-

I probably shouldn't speak too loud about thi sstuff right now as I don't
know what my participation level will be next year seing as how my wife and
I will have our first child in March, BUT, here a re my thoughts....

I'd love to do Vegas.

I don't want to do stuff with other Audi people (sorry I'm an urq snob even
tho I own an A4)

As we talked about IN PC - anytime but summer in Vegas - man these cars were
cooking in SLC Saturday morning!

And I don't want to take anything away from Vegas, but I think the Virginia
City Hillclimb would be a _great_ venue for a UPG, personally.  From an
automotive perspective, at least. Not sure about the social....

my .02

'84 ur

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> Hey guys, after coming back from "Sharks West" (BMW 6 Series) event I had
> idea that Vegas might not be such a bad place for a West Side UPG.
> Their event was in the overflow parking lot for the Stratosphere, they had
> much of it as they needed.  The Stratosphere also let them put a car in
> Casino/Hotel to pimp the event.  They had a show-n-shine form 9 til noon
> then headed out for a scenic drive west of the city thru Red Rock Canyon
( a 13
> mile loop once you get into the park ).  The price of the entry for the
> show-n-shine included a dinner buffet at the Stratosphere.  Afterwards (
tomorrow I
> believe ) they are finishing up the weekend with a trip to the car museum
> the Imperial Palace.
> Seeing how they handled this in Vegas sparked some creative thinking on my
> part and if there was interest I think we could have a great event here
> season ( hopefully in the spring while its still mild ).
> Im convinced we could get some support from ACNA and or the local dealer.
> not sure if anyone has persued that yet ( except Paul ) since they have
> pretty low-key social gatherings.
> Would anyone be against inviting other Audi enthusiasts besides our small
> core group of UrQ drivers?
> Sean
> ---------------
> PS Out of all the Bmer guys there, less than a handful were humble enough
> express interest in my UrQ that was parkd adjacent to their line of cars
> I DO love the 6 Series cars but Im not sure I could ever make the
> to that group on a social level.
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