[urq] Easy subframe bushings replacement

Martin pajak martin at quattro.ca
Wed Oct 20 16:43:55 EDT 2004

If the bolts feel "rubbery" i.e. it's easy to turn a bit more than possibly
the steel bushing inside of the rubber one is not yet contacting with the
If the steel bushing is definetly bottomed out onto the frame than it might
be the softness of the bolt making it feel this way... probably cheap
quality... event hough it's 8.8.  8.8 Made in China does not equal 8.8 Made
in Germany... sorry to say that.

BTW I think these are supposed to be fine thread... or is that newer cars?

Martin Pajak


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Hi there,

I just installed the 4 OEM bushings on the rear subframe, and the job was
even easier than last week's (front subframe).
Because I followed one listers suggestions: put the rubber bushings in the
freezer for an hour. Installation was nearly effortless... but I can't say
if it's more the freezer or because I am now a semi-pro of bushings
installation (I have done the 16 on my car...)!
Nonetheless, the harder the rubber, the easier it will slip in place, with
less deformation of the "bulge".

However, I have some questions regarding the bolts and their torquing.

Since all the subframes bolts must be replaced (per Bentley), and my
dealer doesn't stock them, I went to my FLAPS and bought some M10X85

Now, can somebody tell me if these bolts (grade 8.8) are correct for this
application ?
What is the difference with the 8.9 grade we more usually see ?
Are the OEM bolts (N 905 569 02) special high strenght bolts ?

For the torquing:
Bentley says torque to 25 ft-lbs and then add a quarter turn more. I did
just that.
But even after that, I still feel that the bolts are "under torqued"... It
was real easy to add that quarter turn. More, there is no provision for
securing the bolts in place (no Loctite, no lock washers, nothing...).

Am I paranoid ? Should I leave this all alone and don't worry about it

Thanks in advance,

1983 Quattro, gliding over bumps now...
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