[urq] Re: [Biturbos4] Acura RL

Andrew S Basinski basinski.a at neu.edu
Sat Oct 23 00:34:29 EDT 2004

Coming from said younger generation, I have found in the UrQ what is 
available both in your desires and in the rice boys'.  The car is fast, 
it's agressive looking (the fender flares kill me), and it's got huge 
rubber on the bottom.  It's also relatively refined, rare, and 
appreciated by those who know it.  I've only owned the car for a little 
while now, and twice I have gotten the thumbs up from other drivers 
regarding my ride (i think one was an undercover cop).  The people who 
know what it is love it, as well as respect it.  Everyone else sees it 
as a car from the eighties.

If I could change things, would I?  Yeah, probably.  I kind of wish my 
car had A2 body work, with larger flares and a larger spoiler.  Why?  I 
think it pays more homage to its rally breeding.  The road car is 
lovely (kind of) but it doesn't scream "I had 600hp at one time in my 
life."  For some people, that's fine, they'd rather have it subtle and 
stealthy, others like it (me).

I think it's sad to see people dropping Audi as a brand or hobby.  I 
rarely give much thought to the brand behind the car.  I wouldn't mind 
driving a daewoo if it were solid and T/4wd.  Perhaps if I owned more 
of them, I would be more concerned with replacement parts.  I guess 
it's just weird to see people getting out while I'm just getting in.

I know this is getting kind of rantish, but i just wanted to add my 2 
cents, for what it's worth.  I mean, you certainly could take off the 
spoiler on those cars, it would make them much more subtle and less 
gaudy.  You could also take the badges and the red off a ferrari, or 
change the body work, but that kind of defeats the purpose, right?  I 
love the look of the evosti, they're so aggressive, it looks like 
somebody dropped a rally car onto the street.  They may look overdone, 
but a stock STI turns my head way more than any eclipse or civic.

Anyways...to conclude, I can certainly see that the modern car is less 
concerned with "sport" than it is with "touring".  It'll only get worse 
in the future, so get the real cars while you can.


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