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Sat Oct 23 03:57:59 EDT 2004

I guess one thing we are all doing here is not accepting progress, like it or 
not ( andrew made the point) the EVO and the STi ARE the UrQ's of this 
generation.  The fact of the matter remains, they are important cars. They are 
purpose built cars which have been made available to the public, just as the UrQ 
was 20+ years ago.

Insert cliche' - those darn kids and their music today...

I have a bigger place in my heart for even the most punk-ass drivers of said 
autos in the fact that they are going to recognise and respect the UrQ when 
they see one.  Todays audi drivers think Audi didnt even exist before the A4, 
yet in some ways that's not so far from the truth.  But - regardless of what we 
don't have in common with the EVO / STi / WRX drivers, we have more in common 
with them than the drivers of our own marque - we are all driving a car that 
has deep roots and purpose.  Im sure not everyone liked the UrQ's aggressive 
styling back in the day, hell as far as that goes look at the number of cars 
that were sold, and when they were actually sold and how long they sat on the 
showroom floor before that "special" guy came along to buy it.

Personally Im in the same boat as a few, when all the kids in class were 
sneaking Sports Illustrated into study hall, my fix was a rag with some rally / 
motorsport coverage.

Happy Motoring

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