[urq] Fuel Distributor...Prob too late, but wanted to toss this out there.

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In  testing why my car was not running as well as it could, we found that
one  of the injectors was not spraying/atomizing under WOT. After
replacing all  the injectors (as they were also the original ones and
weren't running that  great away) spray was much better but would still
drop one injector under  WOT. We changed the lines around to see if it
was a line problem and come  to find it was the port out of the fuel
distributor. We checked pressure  and flow, that all seemed fine, filters
replaced etc.

So Found a  place that rebuilds them, in talking the person that does the
rebuilding  flow tested etc, I explained that my car was running above
stock boost  (Scott M. upgrade), he suggested that they could enhance the
flow of the  distributor if I wanted...I explained what was stock boost
about 11psi and  that chipped was about 14psi (maybe better now that my
distributor might  give me enough fuel won't know until I get it back).
He is enhancing it  about 8-10 percent of normal flow...Since it's too
late now to change it  did I make a mistake in having him do this? Will
the injectors restrict the  flow anyway?

My thoughts were that the OS would compensate for the  "added" fuel flow
and pass it back through the frequency valve, but at  least under WOT
conditions when the Lambda unit was disabled the extra fuel  would be
good since I have always heard our cars lack in the fuel  delivery

(Ok - NOW you can tell me I'm stupid for doing  this????)

John Chaplen


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When I read your post I was blown away. I have been trying to  understand for 
years why my car (and others) at times run better off WOT. That  also 
explains why the original motor in my car had a hole burned completely  through ex. 
valve # 2. Leaned out etc. etc.
How is your FD being "modified"? What do they do to it to increase or  
stabilize flow to all cylinders equally?

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