[urq] Aucra RL and other industry musings (some Audi content)

Andrew S Basinski basinski.a at neu.edu
Sat Oct 23 13:19:47 EDT 2004

One other comment I had when reading your post:  don't forget about 
intragenera marketing, which is overly scientific for saying "audi 
won't sell two cars under different brands that will compete with each 
other unless one has brand loyalty".  Rumors have said the Lemans 
quattro will not compete with the gallardo, even though it could.  Just 
as the A3 won't compete with VWs, which have a strong market here.  Bad 
as it is, it would not be wise on their part to market a hot hatch from 
both VW and Audi brands.

Which I think is a shame, but keep in mind the r32 is probably as close 
to driving an Audi as you can get.  I have trouble keeping passats and 
A4/6s separate sometimes.  Nowadays it's what will sell more, and has 
nothing to do with passion.  Cars like the evo and sti seem to 
recapture that.  I am a little weary of the VW and Mazda counterparts, 
as they seem to be trying to capitalize where the other have been for 
years.  There aren't very many manufacturers left with a passion for 
making cars...mostly just a passion for making money.


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