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You might try to weld an "arm" onto the end of the bolts, the combo of
the heat shock from welding and getting a piece you can torque on there
sometimes works.....i believe some guys have done this to remove the
pesky EM studs that break off

David Schaible

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Try soaking with good penetrating oil - perhaps PB Blaster if you don't
have Kroil/Pentaphane (recommended) on hand.  A good set of narrow vice
grips may help after dropping the frame down to provide access.  PFH and
large crowbar may be needed.  I just did this on anothere car, but was
lucky the bolt wasn't seized as much as yours seems to be.

Failing that, you'll have to sell the car to me for a couple dollars and
I'll remove them. ;-}


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OK, bad news first. 3 of my 4 rear subframe bolts
sheared off when I tried to remove them. Good news is
they sheared off at the bolt heads. Bad news is they
are frozen into the steel sleeve of the bushing and I
can't pry the subrame off the car. Any suggestions or
help with this? How can I get the subframe off!!!

When, and if, I finally get the subframe off, other
than prodigious heat application, is there a stud
removal tool/proceedure that I should use.

Thanks in advance.

Andrew Finney
1983 and 1984 UrQs.]
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