[urq] Eibach Springs?? Help!

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Guys, got a big  problem.
Installed a set of Eibach springs...
Part numbers  Front:

Result is seen in  picture... the back end is way up and front is the same
way that the  H&Rs used to be (which I didn't like).

I did have a set of Eibachs  before and they made the car look very natural
(a bit higher in the front  and a wee bit of a squat in the back).
I frickin hate this HotRod look....  :(

Can someone verify the part numbers are for TYP85 quattro?? I should  have
done the P/N research prior to installation...  DOH!!!!

Martin  Pajak


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1985 Audi Ur-quattro (210,000 km) Euro spec. import mit 3B  ;o)
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When I installed the Eibachs on my car I got them all on only to find  that I 
had them back to front. The front was WAY down (I'm talking low rider  here) 
and the rear was correspondingly too high. My numbers were 055 rear and  100VA 
front. That doesn't match any numbers you show, and your car doesn't look  as 
far off as mine did when they were switched. Your's looks like it is  setting 
higher than mine currently all around.
Are you sure they are the right springs?

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